• Close Look at What’s the impact of remote working on company culture?
    The long-term impact of remote working on workers will continue to emerge throughout 2022 as employers ramp up their return to the office plans. This trend will continue to grow as remote work’s impact on everything – from hiring, retention, perks, collaboration, and culture – continues to grow. It will certainly be beneficial for businesses […]
  • Coolest Feature That Makes AirPods Pro Worth Your Money.
    Coolest Feature That Makes AirPods Pro Worth Your Money. Firstly, What’s your number 0ne thing about AirPods? For most of us who need to stay alert while listening to music, Transparency Mode might take the trophy.  Apple has made Transparency Mode to such an extent that it might be worthwhile grabbing a pair just for this feature. Just how does AirPods’ Transparency […]
  • Active Directory Replication
    Basic Troubleshooting Steps (Single AD Domain in a Single AD Forest) Most of Active Directory Replication problems are sometimes caused by one among the following: DNS registration / resolution problems Blocked or Filtered Active Directory replication ports Tombstoned Domain Controllers This article describes the essential troubleshooting steps which will be followed to troubleshoot these problems […]
  • New features coming to WhatsApp – including ‘stealth mode’
    WhatsApp is expected to roll out a host of new features in future updates, including those most requested by users.
  • Tether fails to calm jittery nerves
    Repeated assurances by the backers of Tether that the token is backed by ample reserves and dealing swimmingly haven’t been enough to reassure markets. A supposed liquidity pool that enables traders to swap between the 3 biggest stable coins still shows associate degree elevated offer of Tether, with the token accounting for sixty-fifth of the […]